C7L2A1: Pre-Self-Appraisal on AT in the IEP

Activity Progress:

To complete this activity:

  • Review the Quality Indicators for including AT in the IEP document embedded below. (You can download it if you’d rather read off-line.)
  • Also, below the Quality Indicators PDF is a second PDF titled  Guiding Document for Including Assistive Technology in the IEP.

Reading these two PDFs will greatly assist you in completing Activity 2, the pre-self-appraisal of your school or district!

After reading these two documents, you can “Mark Complete” and return to the Lesson page to take the Pre-Self-Appraisal on AT in the IEP.

Note! If you see a big gap on the page and/or the PDFs we mention aren’t showing, just refresh your browser and they’ll appear!

3 QIs for Including AT in the IEP



Appraisals (non-graded) or Quizzes (graded)Status