C8L3A2 – Upload Completed Implementation Plan Organizer

Activity Progress:

Pages 62-66 of Oklahoma ABLE Tech’s “Docs” website offers the Assistive Technology (AT) Implementation Plan Organizer form. For your convenience, we’re embedding it at the bottom of this page.

(To see it on the “docs” site and not lose your place here, open a new browser tab and paste in this URL: http://okabletech-docs.org/homepage/at-ta-document-part-b/appendix-b-virtual-binder/59-at-implementation/62-66-at-implementation-organizer-form/)

To complete this activity:

  1. download the implementation organizer form and save to your computer (add your initials to the beginning of the PDF’s name before you choose a location to save on your computer),
  2. this form is NOT fill-able by typing so you’ll need to write in your answers and, please, exclude information that may identify the specific child.
  3. scan your “organizer” form and and save it as a PDF, with the same name as the one you downloaded above, to overwrite the previous download, then…
  4. return to this current page and upload your form using the upload capability below.
  • After uploading your plan, you will be returned to the Lesson 3 start page to complete the graded quiz.