C8L2A1 – QIAT Matrices Self-Assessment on AT Implementation

Activity Progress:

As you have learned so far, there are standards of practice for AT service delivery as seen in the QIAT. As a part of best practice, schools are charged with developing procedures for including AT in the IEP so that all students on IEPs, no matter the severity of the disability, can receive quality AT services.  This lesson (and its activities) will review promising practice for including AT in the IEP and provide a glimpse of sample operational procedures that can be adopted by schools/districts to consistently record AT in the IEP.

For this activity you will want to review best practices related to AT Implementation, and then you will finish the activity by completing a self-assessment.

To complete the activity:

  • Review the Quality Indicators for AT Implementation (embedded below these instructions).For future reference (updated yearly), you can find this QIAT information on Oklahoma ABLE Tech’s “Docs” website. (Here’s the plain URL to paste into a new tab in your browser: http://okabletech-docs.org/homepage/at-ta-document-part-b/appendix-b-virtual-binder/59-at-implementation/
  • Also read a second PDF titled Guiding Document for AT Implementation (embedded at the bottom of this page).
  • You will then be asked to complete a self-assessment rating yourself/school/district on a scale of 1-5 in 5 sub-indicator areas related to AT Implementation.

A rating of 1 typically means that a sub-indicator is not being met well or at all, and a rating of 5 means that the sub-indicator is being met consistently for all students on IEPs.

If you feel unsure speaking on behalf of your school or district, click here to see if there is an existing AT Support Team in your area. An AT Support Team member and/or Special Education Director may be able to advise you on the current ratings of your school/district. If you do not see your school/district on the list at the previous link, then please go forward with the quiz and complete the ratings to the best of your abilities.

Here are the PDFs to review:
Note! If you see a big gap on the page and/or the PDFs we mention aren’t showing, just refresh your browser and they’ll appear!




Now, click the “Mark Complete” button below and you will be returned to Lesson 2’s start page to begin the pre-self-assessment on AT Implementation at the bottom of the page.