C5L3A1: Upload Completed AT Consideration Form

Activity Progress:

For this Activity you will be using pages from the Oklahoma AT TA Guide  that ABLE Tech has created and the Oklahoma State Department of Education recognizes and uses as AT guidance.

After reading the material, you will need to complete an AT Consideration form on a student you have either worked with in the past or are currently helping. The links after this first PDF on the QIAT Indicators for AT Consideration are three different forms on AT Consideration that you may choose from and download.


The first form, Big East, is often the preferred choice – all three are embedded below:

  • For any of these checklists, you will need to download the one you wish to complete, complete it by hand, scan it, and upload it below.
  • Once your upload is completed, you will immediately be linked to Lesson 4: Developing Operational Procedures for AT Consideration. If you get lost, you can always use the Course Navigation sidebar (right sidebar) to go to Course 5, Lesson 4.