C5L2A1: Pre-Self-Appraisal on AT Consideration

Activity Progress:

For this Activity you will want to first visit qiat.org to view the Quality Indicators for AT website . Click on the different tabs across the top of the home screen to get an idea of the foundation of the QIAT and how it can advise on best practices for AT service delivery.

Following this you will do a more in-depth review of best practices related to AT Consideration, and then you will complete a pre-self-appraisal.

  • To complete this activity:
    Review the Quality Indicators for Consideration of AT Needs document shown below. (You can download it if you’d rather read off-line.)
  • Also, below the Quality Indicators PDF is a second PDF titled  Guiding Document for AT Consideration.

Reading these two PDFs will greatly assist you in completing Activity 2!