C5L2A2: Completing the Pre-Self-Appraisal on AT Consideration

Activity Progress:

Now, having reviewed the documents in Activity 1, you are asked to complete a pre-self-appraisal ranking yourself, or your school/district on a scale from 1-5 in seven (7) sub-indicator areas related to AT Consideration. A ranking of one (1) typically means that a sub-indicator is not being met well or at all, and a ranking of five (5) means that the sub-indicator is being met consistently for all students on IEPs.

NOTE: Although the pre-appraisal form will look like a graded test, it is not! Our learning platform doesn’t give us an un-graded option but… this is NOT graded as far as whether you will pass the AT Curriculum Program, it’s YOUR opinion. As a person who is new to AT, do not expect to rank high on these sub-indicators. As you continue to work through the coursework, your knowledge will improve, and these rankings should go up!

If you feel unsure speaking on behalf of your school or district or you want to see if there is an existing AT support team in your area, see the Team Table on the “Resources Page” at the bottom of this, and every, page.

If a team exists, you will want to ask your building principal, Special Education Director or other administrator in charge of special education services, or Superintendent to determine who the team members are. These team members may be able to help you with the rankings of your school’s/district’s AT service delivery.

If you do not see your school/district on the list, then please consider the following:

  1. Gather other regular/special educators and related services providers who may be interested in assistive technology, and each go through this curriculum – working together on all of the following courses – including this lesson/activity – that requires you to rank your school’s/district’s AT service delivery to the best of your abilities.
  2. Keep going through this course independently, and complete the pre-self-appaisal by ranking your practices in providing AT Consideration services to students on IEPs.

Now, Mark Complete below and you’ll be returned to the Lesson 2 page where you can find the Pre-Appraisal “Quiz” on Consideration (not graded!) at the bottom of the page.