C3L3A1: View the Short AT Discovery Overview Video

Activity Progress:

The video animation above provides a short introduction to AT Discovery and specifically, how you can use it for this activity. AT Discovery is vast – as a resource – so we are only scratching the surface with our video to get you acquainted with it. The second activity in this lesson will give you a good idea of what you can find at AT Discovery.

As a little more introduction, this is the structure of every AT Discovery category (the particular disability):

  1. Talking Points for (category) Assistive Technology in Education
  2. Situations Where a Child Might Need Assistive Technology for (category)
  3. Commonly Asked Questions for a Student Who Has (a situation related to the category)
  4. Solutions for Students with (category) Impairment
    1. Low Tech/No Tech Solutions for (category) Loss
    2. AT Available for (category) • Mid- to High-Tech (to borrow from ABLE Tech or to purchase)
    3. Case Studies of Students with (category) Needs & Possible Recommendations
  5. Helpful Links & PDF Resources  |  Video Resources
  6. Funding Sources for Students with (category) Impairment

You can see… there’s LOTs of information.