C2L3A1 – Essential Information on IDEA, AT, and Funding

Activity Progress:

For this Activity you will be reviewing the video above:
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Assistive Technology and Funding

This video talks about an older edition of the funding guide but still gives a very good overview.

ABLE Tech has just published the newest edition of the funding guide and it can be found at: https://www.okabletech.org/resources/at-funding-guide/

The online funding guide is updated every 2 years. There are many pages in the guide; however, you will look specifically at the content on the page related to Special Education Services Division-Local Education Agency (LEA).

To complete the activity:

  1. Watch the video above on IDEA, AT, and Funding
  2. Visit the link in this sentence to view the Special Education Services LEA page of the funding guide. Read through this page of funding information.
  3. You will then complete a quiz over the content.

Be sure to complete these activities and “Mark Complete.” You will go back to the Lesson 2 start page and can take the quiz at the bottom of the page.