C2L2A1 – Essential Information on AT and the Law

Activity Progress:

You will want to first visit Oklahoma’s Technical Assistance Document – Assistive Technology for Children and Youth with Disabilities IDEA Part B. Oklahoma ABLE Tech (ABT) and the Oklahoma Assistive Technology Center (OATC) prepare this document for OSDE and update it every year.
(See the note to the right for additional information.)
In 2018, ABLE Tech converted the PDF AT-TA guides Part B (used for this curriculum), Part C and the AEM TA document to the Oklahoma ABLE Tech Documents Site (“Docs” for short). In so doing, we can now update these documents at any time, keeping them up to date easily. We also have a custom print utility called “Print Friendly” (a little green button) on every page that you can click to print, or save as a PDF, the page you are currently reviewing.

To keep you from having to go back and forth between this site and the “docs” site, we’re embedding most pages you need from other sites – but, we’ll provide links to those page, too.

To complete this activity:

  1. Review pages 1 and 2 of the guide to learn about the major laws impacting AT service delivery.


  2. Then, view the specific Codes of Federal Regulation related to assistive technology on pages 33-36 of the guide.


  3. To view examples of real, due process cases that have gone to court, related to assistive technology service provision, please also view pages 37-39. Note! each of these pages are a little longer than normal 8.5 x 11, so there are actually six pages here, rather than just 3.


  4. Access additional information on AT and the Law by reviewing the Every Student Succeeds Act website from the U.S. Department of Education.

When you feel you’ve got a good handle on AT and the Law from these resources, you will take a quiz over this content. You’ll be returned to this lesson’s main page.

Recommended: In response to questions from the public, it is recommended you download, and review, letters related to assistive technology (Word doc) from the Office of Special Education programs (OSEP).