C6 Lesson 5: Complete a WATI Assessment, a SETT form & then a Post-Appraisal

For this lesson, you will first watch a video on AT Assessment and the WATI Assessment Package. Then, using the information from the video and covered in supporting documents, you will complete an assessment for a student in your caseload. 

Lesson 5 Assignments: 

Activity 1 & 2 will be watching the video and completing a WATI Environmental Observational form on a student on your current caseload using documents we’re providing. You will upload the completed documents, so please do not include any identifying information regarding the student.

Activity 3 will be reviewing information on the SETT Framework and uploading a form. 

Then, you’ll come back to this Lesson page and complete the Post-Self-Appraisal, AT Assessment, to hopefully, improve your score after completing this course!

On to Activity 1 below! 

Current Progress

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