C6 Lesson 2: Quality Indicators for AT Assessment

In this lesson, you will again read from the Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology (QIAT) – this time, on the Assessment of AT Needs. Then, as you did in the last course on consideration, you are asked to evaluate your school/district as it currently provides AT Assessment services to students.

Lesson 2 Assignment

In this lesson, you will complete two activities that will give you a good understanding of AT Assessment.

  • In Activity 1,
    • you are asked to go to qiat.org and look again at the website and its resources.
    • then we’re providing two documents from the QIAT site for you to read in preparation for Activity 2.
  • In Activity 2,
    • you will complete a short self-pre-appraisal ranking yourself or your school/district in the Assessment of AT Needs services you provide.

The Activities will provide more explanation… let’s get started!

Current Progress

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