C3 Lesson 3: Visit AT Discovery

Home Page - AT Discovery

For this lesson you will go to Oklahoma ABLE Tech’s AT Discovery website – the Education sections (the “home” page of AT Discovery is shown above). Here you will see a list of the ten AT categories. You will use this website to learn about AT examples in each of these categories. You will also choose one of eight archived webinars on the topic of your choice, to learn more about AT used in education.

Lesson Three Assignment:

  • Activity 1: you will explore ABLE Tech’s AT Discovery website. Although there are three sections to each page (Education, Employment and Community Living), your exploration will focus only on Education.

OK! On to Activity 1 and then, Activity 2!

Then, you will return to take the Quiz and when you’ve passed it (with a green checkmark), click “Mark Complete” to go to Course #4 What is QIAT?

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