C1 Lesson 1: Online AT Curriculum Overview


You are on the First Lesson of Course 1: Online AT Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Sequence=Course>Lesson>Activity>Quiz


Structure of this online training

The graphic above shows, left to right, how the content of this site is organized. Overall, you will start with a course (there are six in all), then lessons, activities, and finally, a quiz are all part of that course. Lessons may be broken up in to more than one activity.

Watch the video embedded above and we’ll “show and tell” what this looks like. Then, come back to this part of the page!

If you have questions at any time during the curriculum, you can contact us at: staff@okabletech-atcurriculum.org.

At the end of the 7th course, you’ll be congratulated and we will provide the name of the person who will contact you about whether you successfully completed all aspects of the curriculum (some of the uploaded assignments need to be reviewed).

We also have an evaluation questionnaire on Online AT Curriculum and will appreciate your participation at the end of the curriculum. Your participation will help improve our content and the design of the website. The Oklahoma State Department of Education and Oklahoma ABLE Tech want to bring effective training on assistive technology to all Oklahoma educators!

If you’ve created an account, you can move on to Course 2: Assistive Technology and the Law. We hope you enjoy this online way to learn about assistive technology!