C11 Lesson 4: Developing Operational Procedures for Administrative Support for AT

In this lesson you will, again, be using the Oklahoma AT TA Guide. This time you will be using it to learn about creating operational procedures for personnel in your school/district to use regarding Administrative Support for AT.

Lesson #4 Assignment:
Activity 1 will include reviewing sample operational procedures for Administrative Support for AT for all students for which it is determined to be needed, as well as checking to determine if your school/district already has these developed. If you find that none exist, you will be asked to draft your own operational procedures that you would be willing to present to your administration. You will be asked to upload either your school/district’s existing operational procedures or your newly drafted procedures following this activity.

OK! On to Activity 1!
Click the link in the “Lesson Activities” box to go to C11L4A1. There, you will upload Operational Procedures for Administrative Support for AT. When you’re done, you will return to this page – click the “Mark Complete” button and you’ll move on to Lesson 5.